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Shaun Buckland
So my name is Shaun Buckland, and I like music, games and art and stuff...
Do you like quizzes? : Sometimes.

What is your gender? : Male.

What is your Eye color? : Blue.

Will you be honest about this question, and ALL of the questions? : Sure, I can't see why not.

What is your favorite TV show? : Hmm... Friends / Scrubs / The Office (American) / The Big Bang Theory. They're all AWESOME :D

Cartoon? : Spongebob Square Pants :P

Would you download music? : Yes.

Do you know where you are? : Umm... Yes.

Do you like this quiz so far? : It's OK.

Do you have YIM? : YIM as in Yahoo Instant Messenger?... No.

Do you know what YIM is? : Not 100% but Google agreed with me on the Yahoo Instant Messenger :D

Do you like The Sims or The Sims 2? : The Sims 3 is out now too :P but I'm still not a HUGE fan of either. (But they're OK).

What kind of shoes do you have? : Dunlop Volleys :)

Sneakers or Sandals? : Sneakers.

Are you a vegetarian? : No.

Are you a healthy person? : I used to be...

Do you exercise often? : Sometimes I run to catch the bus.

do yuo typo ofetn/ : Not very often. :) Pretty good with a keyboard.

Could you read that? : Yes.

When did you last look at the sky? : On the way to work, I yelled at the sun ( It's too bright this morning -.- )

When did you last go outside? : On my way to work this morning, so.... about 8:30 AM this morning.

When did you last eat a banana? : Oh Boy.. Many weeks ago :( I like bananas.

Are you a daredevil? : Hehe used to be, now that I'm of legal age,... Not so much @:D

Do you type in perfect sentences? : Umm... I try not to type like a complete bogan.

or do u tyep like this lol : Not since I got an iPhone, typing of an iPhone is so easy :D

0R wOr$3 DO U 7Yp3 lIk3 t#!$?????!/1/1/1/1 : No, I hate 1337 speak.

Do you judge those that type like that? : If I had special powers, I would smite them down so bad :D

Do you judge people? : I try not to :)

Do you make fun of people? : I try not to :)

Are you planning on taking over the world? : Nah, too much effort.

Have you taken over the world? : I haven't even done it on Evil Genius yet XD ( I suck at that game :P )

Are you in shape? : I suppose I have a particular shape.. But Fit? hehe no.

Is it all about American Idol? : I live in Australia, so it would be Australian Idol, but I'm not obsessed with the show.

Do you like American Idol? : Australian Idol? Yes.

Do you want to kill your neighbor? : No way! He's awesome, and so are his kids :)

what is your favorite kind of clothing? : On me? Hats maybe :)

When did you last run around? : Just the other day towel whipping my girlfriend's little brother hehe, he brought it on himself.

Do you cry often? : No.

When did you last prank your neighbors? : My neighbors? Never.

Would you prank your neighbors? : Sure, if the prank was good enough.

Would you rather party, or be alone? : Not really into parties.

Are you friendly and have friends? Or all alone and misunderstood? : I make a conscious effort to be friendly, therefore I have lots of friends :)

Do you hate people? : I try not to.

Are you racist? : No.

Homophobic? : No.

Stereotypical? : No.

Do you hate the above? : Dislike? Yes; Hate? No; Feel Sorry For? Yes.

Do you just lick the filling off of Oreos? : I'm not a big fan of Oreos, but when I eat them I eat the whole thing.

Do you think this is stupid? : It's... Very long.

Have you ever been chased by the police?: It may have been police dogs that chased me that time I went for a Nudie run with some mates :D

Type your name with your eyes closed. : Shaun Buckland... Well that was easy.

Do you have pop ups blocked? : Yes.

Do you have a friend name Kelly? : I have a few friends with the surname Kelly.

What is your favorite Shampoo? : Umm.. Purple. Purple's a fruit :D

Conditioner? : What ever works.

Who are you obsessed with? : Video Games.

Do you have any obsessions? : Didn't you just ask me that?

If so what? : Video Games, Music (Both of which I enjoy creating and using)

Are you addicted to caffeine? : No.

Do you consider yourself good looking? : I just shaved off my beard, so now I'm better looking :)

Do you have self confidence? : Yes.

Do you have low self esteem? : Not anymore :)

High self esteem? : I'm not over confident :P

WAY TOO MUCH self esteem? : No.

When did you last eat an apple? : Umm... at my Dad's birthday dinner and it was in a pie :D

What color was it? : er.... Green?

Do you have a laptop or desktop? : Both.

Are you on your OWN computer? : Yes.

Are you old enough for a job? : Yes.

Do you have one if you're old enough? : Yes.

Are you to lazy to get one? : Yes. But I already have one ;)

What kind of music do you like? : All Genre's of Music appeal to me.

What is your favorite band? : LostProphets.

What is a band you HATE? : Cradle Of Filth.

Name a random person you know in real life. : Keegan Bakker.

Name a random word. : Banana.

What are you doing? : Answering the questions.

Whats on your mind? : How can I convince Telstra to un-shape our internet, I could tell them I'm a nice guy?

Do you watch south park? : Not a big fan, but I have seen it.

Do you know any wEirD people? : Yes.

Are you weird? : I'm individual. :)

Are you daring? : Sure.

Are you sane? : Yes.

Do you have any pets? : I don't have any pets that are directly "mine" but I live with 2 dogs / 2 cats / 2 ducks / 2 Budgies / 1 mouse / 1 rat / + lots of fish.

Have you ever been to a karaoke bar? : Yes.

Do you know Martial Arts? : Yes.

Do you believe in love at first sight? : Yes. (Example: I saw the trailer for Assassin's Creed II)

Do you believe in miracles? : Yes.

Do you like our president? : Australia again, so Prime Minister and he's pretty cool :)

Is George W. Bush your president? : No.

Would you kill someone? : I don't think so.

Are you home alone? : I'm at work... alone.

Would you love someone? : Yes.

Are you in love? : Yes.

Is it going to work out? : Yes.

Are you married? : Not yet.

Are you keeping in mind to be honest? : Yes.

Are you afraid? : Of what?

Do you like food? : Yes.

Name a song you can relate to. : "Come What May" by "The Scene Aesthetic".

Name a fun song! : The Hamster Dance Song.

Can you sing? : Yes.

What color are the walls of the room you are in? : Grey.

What color are the floors of the room you are in? : Grey.

Have you ever dyed your hair? : No.

Do you remember the last time you had jelly beans? : Yes.

Have you ever been on a game show? : Yes. (Keegan's Concoctions).

Ever been on TV? : Yes.

Ever been out of your house? : Yes.

Ever met a celebrity? : Yes.

Name someone you love. : Ashleigh beer.

What are you wearing? : My nice work clothes.

Would you support gay marriage? : No, but I wouldn't try to prevent them.

Would you strongly oppose gay marriage?: No.

Did you vote for Bush, Kerry, Nader, or not at all? : I didn't vote in that election.

Are you in my closet? : No.

Are you an awkward person? : I hope not :S

Are you stupid? : No.


War: No.

Peace: Yes.

Love: Yes.

Sex: Male.

Suicide: No.

Partying: No.

Homosexuality: No.

Bisexuality: No.

Heterosexuality: Yes.

Dancing?: Yes.

Food!: Yes.

Anorexia: No.

Evanescence: Yes.

Green Day?: Yes.

Your life?: Yes.

Religion?: Christianity.

Athiesm?: No.

Making fun of others?: No.

Shop often?: Yes.

Love often?: Yes.

Been divorced?: No.

Want a divorce?: No.

Have good morals?: Yes.


Someone who loves animals? : No.

Someone who is for abortion? : No.

Someone who is for legalization of drugs? : No.

Someone who sits around all day? : Yes.

Someone who spends 8+ hours on their computer? : Yes.

Someone who has a life? : Yes.

Someone who has a cell phone? : Yes.

Someone who believes in magic? : Yes.

Someone who believes everything happens for a reason? : Yes.

Someone who believes in life after death? : Yes.

Someone who believes in creation of the universe? : Yes.

Someone who is prejudice against races, religions, etc? : No.

Someone who is fun! : Yes.

Someone who likes Spongebob? : Yes.


Your athletic Shoes? : Athletic shoes are for excercise.. -.-

Your casual Shoes? : Dunlop.

Your dress shoes? : Dunlop.

Your sandals? : I don't own any sandals.

Your car? : Hotwheels.

Most of your clothes? : Billabong.

Your favorite kind of soda? : Pepsi Max.

The drink you drink most of? : Water.


What kind of books do you like? : Visual Resources.

Are you wearing underwear? : Yes.

What kind is it? : I don't take that much notice of my underwear.

If so what does it look like (color, patterns, size, etc)? : Too much effort to check.

What is your favorite series of books? : Tashi.

Do you drink Orange Juice? : Yes.

What is your favorite brand of Orange juice? : Not sure..

Are you a sibling? : Yes.

Are you the younger / older / same age? : 4 Oldest / 3 Youngest.

Are you a twin? : No.

Would you watch a horror movie? : Yes.

Does your ear itch? : No.

Does your head ache? : No.

Have you taken any breaks during this quiz? : Once to answer the phone.

Can you type fast? : Yes.

Dooo yoooou tyyyyyyyyyype sloooooooow? : No.

Was that annoying? : No.

What kind of computer do you have? : A high-end gaming system, that I built myself.

Are you wearing socks? :  Yes.

What is the weather like RIGHT now? : Cool and Damp.

When did you last bleed? : Last night, I shaved for the first time in a few months.

Do you have braces? : I used to.

Do you wear contacts? : No.

Do you wear glasses? : Sunglasses sometimes.

If so.. To see? To see far away? To read? : To block out the sun.

When did you last go to school? : Last year.

Are you mature? : Yes.

Are you immature? : If the situation calls for it :)

What's zee quiz like so far? : In-Depth.

How's life? : Good.

What is your hairstyle? : Bed Hair.

How does your hair look right now? : The same it has for the last couple of years XD

Do you have clear skin? : Yes.

Are you flawless? : No.

If you would die tomorrow, what would you do today? : Skydive.

Do you live like everyday is your last day? : No.

What time is it? : 9:49 AM

Do you savor every second after work / school? : No.

Do you savor every second of life? : No.

Name something TOTALLY free. : Imagination.

Hahaha! Were you breathing automatically? : No.

Now that I mentioned it, are you having to breathe on your own? : I like to think I have control over my body (including breathing).

If you looked to your left, what would you see? : Brother HL-1040 Laser Printer.

When did you last write something with a pen? : Yesterday.

Have you ever been on stage? : Yes.

Are you married? : Didn't you already ask me that?

Do you ever want to get married? : Yes.

When did you last dance? : This morning.

Do you like the rain? : Yes.

Are you having a good day? : Yes.

Do you have an extensive collection of music on your computer? : Yes.

Do you like prank phone calls? : If they're done well and in good taste.

Ever prank phone call the police? : No.

Everyday? : No.

On the weekend? : No.

When did you last brush your teeth? : This Morning.

What time is it now? : 9:53 AM.

When did you last kick a ball? : A fair while ago.

When did you last cough? : This morning.

When were you last sick? : I think I'm sick at the moment.

When did you last listen to music? : I'm listening to music right now.

What did you listen to? : "Think About It" by "Danger Radio"

Type your favorite song lyric. : "I'm a mess, I confess that I'm nothing without you".

Do you love clouds? : Yes.

When did it last snow? : It doesn't snow here.

When did you last go to the beach? : Late last year.

Are you EXTREME?! : Sometimes.

What is your favorite pastime? : Video Games.

Day or Night? : Day.

Name something refreshing. : Mr. D's Cola.

Have you ever broken a bone? : Yes.

What are you afraid of? : Heights.

Do you own an Ipod? : Yes, 80GB Black Classic and an iPhone 3GS.

What is the NAME of your street? : Current Residence? Carpenter Street.

Do you want to go somewhere over the rainbow? : HAHA I've seen the rainbow end outside of my bedroom window twice :D there is no pot of gold -.-

Have you ever been to Disney World / Land? : Yes, twice.

What's the best advice anyone has every given you? : "Better Safe Than Sorry".

What is your life goal? : To be a successful father and husband.


Love or Hate? : Love.

Do you like life? : Yes.

Are you popular? : I'm not unpopular..

...Amongst weird people? : Sure.

How do you dress? : Neat/Casual.

How do you do?! : Good, yourself?

What is your favorite color? : Red.

Do you dress in Dark / Light colors? : A combination.


Nice? : Yes.

Baby you? : No.

Misunderstand you? : No.

Judge you? : No.

Give you everything? : No.

Think you haven't grown up yet? : No.

Make dinner every night? : Yes, with the exception of special occasions.

Make you order pizza? : No.

Go shopping with you? : Yes.


Pie or cake? : Pie.

Pie or 3.14159...? : Pie.

Chocolate or vanilla? : Vanilla.

Black or white? : Black.

Ceiling or floor? : Floor.

Couch or bed? : Bed.

Cough or sneeze? : Cough.

On or off? : On.

Closed or open? : Open.

Brush or comb? : Comb.

Long or short? : Short.

Big or small? : Big.

Wet or dry? : Wet.

Under or over? : Under.

Top or bottom? : Top.

Fly or fall? : Fly.

Smile or frown? : Smile.

Tears of joy or tears of sorrow? : Tears of Joy.

Hot or cold? : Cold.

Warm or cool? : Cool.

Rough or smooth? : Smooth.

Cat or dog? : Cat.

Snake or bird? : Bird.

Shark or T-Rex? : T-Rex.

Past or present? : Present.

Science fiction or fantasy? : Fantasy.

Dull or sharp? : Sharp.

Live forever or die young? : Forever.

Books or television? : Television.

Jump or skip? : Skip.

Fast or slow? : Fast.

Run or walk? : Walk.

Guy or girl? : Girl.

Disney or Warner Brothers? : Disney.

Belle or Jasmine? : Belle.

Gaston or Cruella Deville? : Gaston.

Food or friends? : Friends.

Colors or black and white? : Colours.

Cute or pretty? : Cute.

Good or evil? : Good.

Fruits or vegetables? : Vegetables.

Milk or juice? : Milk.

Hot chocolate or gingerale? : Gingerale.

Beer or wine? : Beer.

Movies or cartoons? : Movies.

Pillow or blanket? : Blanket.

Moon or stars? : Moon.

Sky or sea? : Sky.

Explode or implode? : Explode.


What color is the bottom of your tongue? : Bottom of tongue colour.

Your foot? : I have 2.

Do you have any medical problems concerning feet? : No.

Do you chew on your homework? : If the time calls for it.

Pencils? : Prefer other mediums.

Do you read the dictionary? : No.

Encyclopedia? : No.

Atlas? : No.

Road map? : No. I finished it *PROUD FACE*

That's it for now :D
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  • Playing: World Of Warcraft
  • Eating: CHEWY!
  • Drinking: Water -.-

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